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Nizam-Hasina Foundation (NHF) is a non-political, non-government and non-profit organization devoted in volunteering activities for welfare of general people. NHF is working to establish Islamic ethics, norms, lifestyle and to provide modern education influenced by Islamic Shariah. The foundation is determined to keep helping the poor and unprivileged population of the society.

Objectives & Ethics:

    • to uphold patriotism and establish ethical standards in the society
    • Establish modern education system guided by The Holy Al-Quran and Sunnah.
    • Beside Islamic education, provide teaching of modern technology and vocation education/training.
    • Provide medical treatment to poor and unprivileged people FREE of cost.
    • Provide food, shelter and education to orphans.
    • Conduct awareness programs on public health, mother care, community health, nutrition, drug addiction, etc.
    • Spread elder education and give scholarships to meritorious student.
    • Give away food, cloths, etc. among the poor people time to time.
    • Always do activities to make the Almighty ALLAH happy.

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Vice Chairman’s Message

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Almight ALLAH for giving the opportunity to help the poor and under privileged people of the society.
It gives me immense pleasure to see people getting free treatments, children getting free foods and scholarships and elderly getting free home through various programs and initiatives taken by Nizam Hasina Foundation.
I want your sincere well wish to continue giving my effort to help more in future.

Thank you for your support.

Hasina Nizam,
Vice Chairman
Nizam Hasina Foundation

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